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Set Your Own Pricing

Couples working with me set their own pricing. Wait…WHAT???

It’s true. Once we’ve established we’re a good fit by getting to know each other, couples are given the opportunity to share their photography budget with me. I will then custom design a package based on the budget that has already established. If you are having a hard time deciding on a budget, most couples plan on spending 10%-20% of their overall wedding budget on photography.

Most couples are curious what options they can expect for their budget prior to sharing their budget with me. (I would feel exactly the same!) I will provide a general guideline to couples through email when requested or during our consultation.

There may be a minimum budget requirement to contract your wedding date right away (this is based on factors such as the time of season or how far out the wedding is occurring) but weddings are never rejected based solely on budget.

Selecting me as your wedding photographer should never be about price but about the art and our relationship.