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About Weddings

WeddingPortfolio2016_0068Weddings set my heart a flutter and make me all teary eyed. I’m a hopeless romantic. Its really quite pathetic. Still, I suppose most couples looking for a wedding photographer would want someone who is as emotionally invested in capturing their wedding day as I am. If you’re not one of those couples, I will quote one of my favorite Stormtroopers and say, “Move along…Move along”.

For over a decade I have worked in the field of capturing wedding stories of amazing couples. Many of these couples have become family to me and I’m fortunate to continue to document their lives. Throughout my time as a photographer, I’ve learned how my artistry and skill set are best utilized. I’ve also learned how my emotions closely tie in with the images I capture. Since It is my desire to consistently provide my highest level of work for the couples I photograph, I keep all of these things in mind and am selective about the weddings I photograph.

My first priority is my relationship with my couple. I thrive in an environment where I’m trusted to capture the wedding story based on my experience and artistic expression. There are a lot of factors that go into creating such an environment but two of the most important are communication and trust. It is essential that we are on the same page with our expectations. Be it through email, on the phone or in person, I will want to get to know you and establish if we are a good fit prior to contracting.

I have a special spot in my my heart for weddings that are of the offbeat/non-traditional variety. Some of my favorite weddings have included a theme, been unplugged, had colorful characters (tattooed/rainbow friendly people), been small and intimate or just plain different!

It is important to me that the elements surrounding the wedding day allow me to maintain my highest quality of work. Since each wedding is its own different little snowflake, these elements vary. The only way for us to truly see if we’re a good fit is to start the communication process. So go ahead and hit that contact tab!