"My personal journey of recovery began when I stopped trying to escape from my reality, emotions, trauma, and circumstances. When I began to confront the real issues in my life, I found within myself the strength for change. I found my path. I found myself.

Sharing my story has become a meaningful way for me to bring purpose, hope, and a broader awareness to the world. I share my lived experience to those who support others in crisis in order to reduce trauma, and increase understanding. Additionally, I work directly with individuals to support them on the their individual journey of self-improvement.

Recovery is not a destination. It is a journey. It is my desire to support those who walk together." - Anginet

“Passionate, funny, and thought provoking…”


Anginet is a passionate, funny, and thought provoking speaker, as she shares her story of her own lived experience with managing her mental health symptoms. She does a terrific job of educating Law Enforcement at the Adams County CIT Training which is held multiple times a year. She also sits on a local Co Responder Steering Committee with me to contribute her thoughts and ideas with the goal of improving encounters between Law Enforcement and people in a mental health crisis. I highly recommend considering Anginet as a speaker at your Mental Health trainings and speaking engagements.

- Lydia Appling, LCSW

Mental Health Coordinator
Adams County Crisis Intervention Training Program
CO Responder Team Program Manager