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"When I began to confront the real issues in my life, I found within myself the strength for change. I found my path. I found myself." -Anginet Anderson

Anginet "Roxie" Anderson is a Motivational and Keynote Speaker who shares her lived experience in discovering herself while surviving mental illness, trauma, mental abuse, and spiritual crisis. Her powerful story brings hope and understanding to consumers of mental health, police officers, students, hospital workers, and other professionals working in Mental Health.

"Struggle is a human condition. While my experiences may seem extreme, they were rooted in typical life circumstances. It is my hope that by sharing my story, people will find within themselves strength, bravery, the ability to support themselves, and a broader understanding of others."
- Anginet


From zoom meetings to large stadium audiences, Anginet is available for a wide variety of meetings and events. Presentations are tailored to suit the needs of those in attendance.

Investment varies on details of the event. It is encouraged to contact Anginet directly to discuss needs, options, and budget.

To give back, Anginet donates two speaking events to charitable organizations per year.


Anginet is a passionate, funny, and thought provoking speaker, as she shares her story of her own lived experience with managing her mental health symptoms. She does a terrific job of educating Law Enforcement at the Adams County CIT Training which is held multiple times a year. She also sits on a local Co Responder Steering Committee with me to contribute her thoughts and ideas with the goal of improving encounters between Law Enforcement and people in a mental health crisis. I highly recommend considering Anginet as a speaker at your Mental Health trainings and speaking engagements.


Mental Health Coordinator

Adams County Crisis Intervention Training Program
CO Responder Team Program Manager